Our project of electrified mosquito net

At the moment, the only existing solution is using mosquito-nets impregnated with insecticide. But the mosquitoes become insecticide resistant, which makes it necessary to develop a new product every other year. Mosquitoes can’t get used to resisting electric discharges which makes our solution durable.

How it works

Detecting mosquitoes

The electric capability allows to distinguish a human being or an animal from a mosquito. A sensor of potentiality makes it safe for humans and animals, discharging electricity only when a mosquito is detected.

Deliveres an electric shock

Harmless for man
(1300V O.5mA)

Water resistant

It can be cleaned with soap and water and resists humidity and dust. It is weatherproof.

Powered by solar panels

In territories lacking electricity, a solar panel charges a battery permitting a 2 to 3 days’ autonomy. In territories equipped with electricity, a USB plug is also available permitting the use of a common charger.

What does it look like ?

An electricity conductive canvas 

A detached solar panel

A central plus-in case.